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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Had a Delightful Evening at the Overholser

As always, the Mansion, and its staff, were a delight!  It always seem appropriate to 'dress' when going to the house built in 1903.  On Thursday, I wore a outfit reflecting the 1910-1915 era.  I shared tales told from the time period of the house, its construction and their early years there. The stories being shared in street conversations and over coffee and a cigar.  The 'Typewriter Girl", 'Rock-a-By Baby', and others.  Then, I shared a real tale told by local people, and which they swear is true, of a certain 'haunted bridge' and a mysterious beast.   Friday night, I reflected the era of the 1920's and 1930's.   Each night staff and visitors were asked to share their own 'ghost stories' of the Mansion and they were a delight to hear!
Comments from the evening (so far) have included:
"Wonderful evening!"
"Loved your stories!"
"Great presentation! I so enjoy these evenings."
"Your costumes just fit the house!"

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