Podcast of Original Story by Marilyn A. Hudson


As with any other artist or performer the few moments (relatively speaking) of actual performance time reflect many hours and weeks of preparation, practice, and organizing to present a quality presentation.

  • Basic, about one hour storytelling/author program is $100.00 + standard two-way IRS mileage from Norman, Oklahoma

  • A special story time,  for a specific theme or event, requires additional preparation, $150.00 + standard two-way IRS mileage from Norman, Oklahoma

  • Generally to within about 100 miles of the greater, multi-country metro area of OKC. 
  • Longer trips may be possible ONLY with advance planning, additional fee or motel.

  • Pre-event publicity in the community; please send copies of such to me for my files
  • Bottle of water
  • If a larger group, sound equipment

Age Range (must specify when booking):
  • Teens and adults  (must specify if a single age group)
  • Children 7 and up, ONLY with special pre-arrangements (stories or 'jump tales' and classic stories rather than really scary or horrorific)